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Fall Worship Schedule

Sunday Worship times  – Back to 9 and 10.30 am September 7th.    

A Seven Week Course in Spiritual Empowerment

September 17  -  October 29 Spiritual Gifts.  God gives them to His people.  But, what are they?  How many are there?  What are mine?  How can I know for sure?  How does God want me to use them to empower my life and the life of my church?  Sound familiar? 

6 pm

ARP (Active Retired Presbyterians) program Friday, September 19th

The Active Retired Presbyterian group will meet at the church on Friday, September 19th at 11 am.  Many might know of Jane Milne, the storyteller.  She will be doing the “Homer’s Grocery and Market”.  We are changing our routine this month and will be having a pot luck lunch after

11 an

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Ferguson and our town
August 29th, 2014

This past week I met with a group of pastors from around the area for a Micah group, a group of different pastors who meet every other month over a two year season. I am blessed by the diversity in our group especially as we talked through the national, local

Interim Progress Report
July 28th, 2014

Interim Progress Report What’s next?  That is a question many church members are probably asking themselves.  What’s next?  Here are a few responses to that question.  In coming as an interim pastor to a church, the first thing I do is spend time observing.  Every church is different.  Different size

Costa Rica day 8
July 23rd, 2014

We didn’t get a chance to catch up with our Costa Rica crew last night.  They were very busy in a prayer meeting. I did talk for final night to Jill, Hannah and Brandon.  Everyone was busy packing up a storm, getting ready for the journey back home. They had

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